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Real Estate agencies in Vienna charge a 3-month commission for finding an apartment.  I haven't looked for an apt. in a major city in the US but I wouldn't be surprised if it were the same there.   So, I'm using an agency and they've found me an apartment and therefore I'll be paying the comission.  After a week of waiting to hear about when I could move in, I finally called on Monday to find out that the earliest I could sign the rental agreement would be on Thursday.  Keep in mind that I wanted to move in on the weekend, given my work schedule.  Here's the conversation, translated from German: "Could we meet any earlier so that I could be sure to get the keys before the weekend?" "No." "Absolutely no possibility?"   "No."   Allllllright.    "Could I get a copy of the rental agreement, given that I'm not a native German speaker and that I'd like to look over it at my leisure before I sign it?"   "That's not possible."   "Absolutely no possibility?"   "No."   Allllllright.    So I guess the commission isn't for service.  What is it for then?