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I've got a relative in Vancouver and yesterday I realized that I hadn't sent his Christmas gift yet. Whoops! I went to to have something delivered by the weekend. I understand that maybe all of Amazon's inventory is not based in Seattle but I was hoping that in this case (what with Vancouver being across the border from Seattle) they would ship from there and the gift would arrive on time. Long story short, I couldn't order the desired gift because Amazon can't ship this particular video game to Canada. Ugh. So, what did I do? Naturally, I went to and made the purchase there, but for some reason, the Canadian Amazon can't do delivery by this weekend. This morning, I got confirmation via email that the gift has indeed been shipped. When I went to track it, I saw that it originated in Mississauga, Ontario! Maybe I should have found a courier to pick up the order from in Seattle and take it across the border...