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In my quest to improve the overall quality of the web app I'm working on as well as making it more robust, I've been looking into a couple of testing frameworks.

By juxtaposing Chickenfoot and Test::WWW::Mechanize, am I not comparing apples and oranges? Having one testing harness for web apps would be fantastic. With legacy Perl code churning out dynamic HTML running along side new AJAX-producing code which is manipulating the DOM in the browser, it's a matter of understanding which hammer with which nail.

I spent part of yesterday giving Test::WWW::Mechanize a whirl. It has no support for querying a tag based on an ID but you can always just use a regex to scan the content of a HTTP response to do the same kind of thing which makes testing a web service fairly easy.

Now, I just have to see mimicing user interaction like in Chickenfoot.