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I am so happy.

Last week, I realized that one of the apps I've been maintaining for four months had finally come to the end of its lifecycle and needed to be replaced. I've been nursing it along for far longer than it should have been kept alive but I was between a rock and a hard place.

The tool was still integral to our business process, requests for enhancements were continuously flowing in, and I wasn't familiar with the business processes when I took over support. Instead of trashing it, I kept it limping along these last few months. DB transactions weren't happening, user authentication was not existent (so I couldn't do anything role-based,) no documentation, too much or not enough tracing or debugging info, and pretty much one global variable passed back and forth (all I'll say is hashes of hashes of arrays of hashes.)

Last week I decided it had to get the boot, but what would I use to replace it? Would I write my own MVC app in Perl with rock-solid error handling and database interfaces? I happen to like my weekends so I frantically started the search, hoping I could find something like what I worked with at the IAEA (although not in .NET)

I found Catalyst. I installed and got to work; I love it, it's so robust.