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Or "Goodbye Palm, it's been nice knowing you."

Palm (or "PalmOne" or "Palm Inc." or whatever they're called today) has lost another loyal customer.

I had been thinking about upgrading my PDA for a while now. Yes, I know most of your are laughing at me because...

  1. I'm not using a Crackberry
  2. smartphones have been "in" for so long now

...but you see, I made the most of that investment. I work hard for my money and even though I'm a gadget geek, I don't like them enough to have to part with my hard-earned cash every eight months.

None of the Palm devices I've looked at recently have built-in wireless capabilities meaning that if I want Internet, I have to pay to connect to it. With ubiquitous computing on the horizon enabled by wifi everywhere, what kind of sense does it make to buy that kind of device?

And, after having so many integration problems ever since I bought the PDA, I've think I'll be using a new system. Paper. Pen. No upgrade/integration/versioning issues.

How much of my life have I wasted getting Hotsync/Outlook/FranklinCovey/more to play together? I need to plan my day, not use my day to plan.