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In a way, I have HotJobs to thank for getting into Yahoo. It’s on HotJobs where I first saw the job that eventually became mine (I actually found a couple of jobs there that I applied and interviewed for…) Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try something against the HotJobs API for a while now so I sat about doing so in Python.

TASK: Create a simple script that takes two arguments, a job title and a zip code, and then query HotJobs for resumes containing that job title near the zip code. After retrieving the resumes, output a list of job titles representing the *next* jobs people held after holding the job title passed in the query.

Unfortunately, the Web services license key registration process is not instantaneous, so shortly after I got these steps in place…

  1. Hello world in Python. Check.
  2. POST Web service calls in Python. Hey! Check!

… I started getting IOError: ('http error', 401, 'Authorization Required', ) so I realized I probably needed to put in for a Web services license key. Looks like they’ll be getting back to me.

Notes (so-far) on Python: