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No, I don't mean football as in Soccer, even though football in that sense and Spanish would go quite well together as a blog post given media attention to the World Cup in recent weeks.  No, I mean football as in "American football."  Pigskin.  Oblong, not round. The connection sprang to mind today as I was in my Spanish conversation class (where, incidently, I'm the least experienced with one semester of Spanish whereas others have four or more.)  I'll admit, I wasn't the most dilligent this weekend ('cause I was watching Football...) with my vocabulary so I wasn't exactly prepared to be called on to put together sentences on the clothes one wears in winter.  And then I remembered what it used to be like to have football practice in August when I was about 15.  I remembered how much I savored certain parts of practice, most of all when we had running hills for conditioning and I could tell that practice was almost over.  Euphoria is the best word to describe the feeling.  I knew the suffering would soon be done. Don't get me wrong; I really like my Spanish class.  It's just that everyone else has had a lot more Spanish and more vocabulary so I went from being the top student in my intro class (I've got the grade to prove it!) to the weakest link.  I'm in a bit over my head but that's good for me, that's how I'll learn.  But for the time being, I'll secretly admit that I feel relieved when we've just gone through an exercise where everyone (including me) has to comment on what happens in a given season and I know that we're going to finish class with ten minutes of a movie.  Ahh......