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One of the purposes of coming to the GDC was to learn more about mobile technologies and that I have. I now understand what's meant by "the deck," the importance of being "pre-loaded", J2ME vs. BREW, a breakdown of the gamer demographic, Flash Lite, interstitial ads and revenue sharing, and the carrier stack. All fairly interesting but what I feel lacking has been the intersection with web technologies. Fair enough, I didn't truly understand the industry before getting here and this conference has been all about learning new things. I was expecting that web technologies would be a more important part of the mobile architecture. I consider myself corrected. Perhaps it's related to the fact that the mobile gaming demographic represents a sliver of the total gaming population. Also, the interface and technical capabilities of mobile devices only provide a fraction of the user experience that more robust (i.e. consoles, handhelds) provide. That's not to say that their capabilities (say, using GPS) can't be further exploited but there's just not the consumer demand yet and the need for web technologies has not been realized or is not necessary.