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I was reading an article in the the Dec/Jan issue of Fast Company highlighting the work of GarageGames in leveraging the browser to create an awesome gaming experience.

When I was at the GDC last year (looking for a job,) I was surprised that no one seemed interested in talking to me. Here I was, a web developer in a sea of game developers, during the second coming of the Web (which all my peeps know as Web 2.0) Didn't every single Tom, Dick, and Mary want to court me as I could help them build out their infrastructure to appeal to the number of users that the Internet makes possible?

Alas, that was not the case. I didn't know enough about J2ME or Brew or Flash Lite or siloed solutions to be of interest. I was indeed a web guy amongst gamers and to misquote George Bernard Shaw, web developers and game developers are two professions separated by a common language.

It'll be interesting to see if the platform by GarageGames takes off this year at the GDC 2008.