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I've been checking out Eclipse and Aptana recently and I'm very impressed. When I found the viPlugin for Eclipse and then had an instinct that it might work with Aptana (what with Aptana's core being Eclipse,) I decided to give it a shot.

I looked around and saw a tip on getting viPlugin to work with RadRails. Only thing is, I'm doing Javascript development on Windows XP and not using Rails. I finally came across Aptana HTML Editor and ViPlugin in Eclipse 3.2 and decided to give it a try. On the surface, the thread's advice is straightforward. If you're not familiar with extracting files and rebuilding JAR files, it might not make sense.

I went through the steps and edited the plugin.xml file. When I dropped the JAR back into the plugins folder and tried to open Aptana, I got this:

Unable to read workbench state. Workbench UI layout will be reset.

... and then Aptana wouldn't even start. Ugh. I finally got it to work again by removing and reinstalling via the MSI (thereby losing the viPlugin so I needed to extract that again too.)

Since that didn't work, I tried messing with the file associations (under Windows > Preferences > General > Editors > File Associations.) Then, I started getting this message:

Error loading lexer file

...telling me that I had a problem with the init for com.aptana.ide.editor.text.GenericTextEditor. Ugh. What to do? I tried a couple of things to fix the problem...

  1. Changing the default association for a text editor ( Windows > Preferences > Editors > File Associations )
  2. Reinstalling Aptana (making sure that the viPlugin JARs were not in the Aptana IDE Beta\plugins folder
  3. Refreshing the configuration( Help > Aptana Troubleshooting > Clean Configuration )

...with no success. I couldn't find much help out there except for this. Then, I thought, maybe it's a problem with Windows characters in my rebuild of the JAR file under XP. I gave it a try on a RHEL 5 box and it worked seemlessly. Ah. The feeling of accomplishment.

If you decide to get viPlugin for Aptana working, here are some things you should get before before diving in:

  1. a viPlugin license (order one here.)
  2. Knowledge of how to extract and rebuild JAR files
  3. a non-Windows system

If you're really bent on having it work on Windows, you may follow the above thread: "Aptana HTML Editor and ViPlugin in Eclipse 3.2."