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As a new iPhone owner, I'm very pleased with the device.

Yes, I broke down last weekend and bought one. I still have about 10 days in my "trial" period so I could conceivably return it. However, I don't currently see that happening give just how utilitarian I've found it to be.

I subscribe to the ideology that if an email is an actionable item, you should do something with it (put it on your calendar or add it to your to-do list or whatever) and delete it to keep your inbox clean. There's only one problem with the iPhone's email client: it doesn't allow me to do that.

The solution? I should set up an email address which will automatically process any such forwarded "action items."

I'm thinking mainly of calendar items. How often do I get an email with details about an event and want to add that to my calendar? Can't do it in the iPhone email client (or, at least, haven't figured out how to do so in the three days I've owned it.) All I'd have to do is include the date in a standard format and the email would take the contents of the email and dump them into an appointment on the day I've indicated.

Stay tuned for updates.