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Isn't three months rent for commission a bit steep? Finding an apartment in Vienna has certainly been an eye-opening experience. Yesterday and today we looked at apartments care of several agencies, all of which charge three months rent for commission. You do the math when an apt. costs $660/month. Ouch! For that reason, we've turned to the classifieds but that's another beast. They came out yesterday and by 2 pm today, out of 12 people I called, four apratments were already taken, I couldn't leave messages for three people because their inboxes were full, three wanted a deposit of $20,000 or more, and two were listed under "To Rent" when they should have been under "For Sale." Today was also the hottest day of the summer in Austria. It was supposed to be a scorching 100 degrees Farenheit (hey, give us a break, it's humid here) and so by mid-afternoon, we finally decided to go swimming. No sooner did we arrive at the pool (after a 45 minute ride) did it start pouring. And wouldn't you know it, once we decided to bag the swimming idea (along with the other 500 people who decided to turn tail) and made then made it back home, the sun came out.