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I finally bit the bullet and bought a license for Taskline.  I like it a lot.  I learned about Taskline after reading this guy's blog and let me just say, I thought I knew a thing or two about time management but I can't hold a candle to his system.  I wonder how much time he spends maintaining the entire construction but nonetheless, he did draw my attention to Taskline.

I'm one to have a lot of ideas and I'm prone to write them done.  Things like "oh yeah, I definitely have to do that!!!" which then make their way into my PDA and onto my to do list (e.g. tasklist in Outlook.)


I'm always frustrated that I never get to everything and that's where Taskline is coming in useful.  Now I can graphically see just how much time I really have.  I love the visualization aspect of the tool:  that I can guesstimate how long my tasks are going to take and then see if they realistically slot in to the time I have available.  This has humbled me a great deal.