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Went to the ballet at the San Francisco opera last night and I have a couple of bones to pick.

  1. Pizza

    One of the great things about the Vienna State Opera is its proximity to numerous pizza stands. You go hungry after work to the opera (or ballet) and need something quick and cheap to tide you over.

  2. Cheap tickets

    We sat in the balcony in the cheapest seats for $25 a piece, tickets which in Vienna would have gone for 9 Euros. (Ok, by today's conversion rate, that's som ething like $13.) C'mon kids, let's do a little for encourage the 24-35 year old crowd to come out and enjoy the fine arts.

  3. Clapping

    Sorry for this rant but people, the ballet is not a circus. You do not need to clap after every solo performer finishes whatever they're doing. Please let m e and others enjoy the piece by holding your applause until after the music's over; if there were dancing bears balancing on balls they'd come and eat you if you make noise like that.

  4. Decoration

    The hallways of the opera are barren! Please! Maybe a couple of portraits of regular performer would be nice.

Phew. My tirade is over. By-in-large, we had a great experience. The Eden/Eden piece was awesome.